What is Wayism

WAYISM is a philosophical lifestyle and worldview, and a devotional practice or spirituality.

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Wayism the lifestyle that fulfills the purpose of life
Wayism the lifestyle that fulfills the purpose of life

Wayism is identified by the following:

  • The Way of Wayism was taught by the Lord Iesous (called Issa in north India, Yesu in Parthia and Jesus in Latin) during the 1st We have to not only embrace The Way, but become The Way.
  • The values and attitudes central to Wayism are Humility, Simplicity and Compassion. It is through living a life of loving-kindness that the mysteries become known, that the devotee acquires the insight and Wisdom to mature the soul.
  • Wayism believes in universal salvation of all sentient beings from samsara, perpetual incarnation. Spiritual beings (whom some refer to as angels, apsara, Bodhisattvas, Buddhas, devata and devi) partner with us on The Way to spiritual maturity.
  • The doctrine of Butterfly Path is central to teaching of theWAY. Earth hosts our School of Divinity for Human Souls. Advanced souls from elsewhere come to Butterfly Path for an opportunity to evolve into another, higher kind of being, a spiritual being. There are junior and senior students in our school; students on all 27 grades. Junior students dominate the playground, and also democratic processes on Earth. They make for interesting life experiences through which we all can extract wisdom toward graduating from Butterfly Path school. Teaching of theWAY or Wayism is attractive to higher grade students. Students dominated by their soul-minds and soul priorities create what we call soul religions, which serve their needs.
  • Wayism makes a distinct difference between the soul and the spirit. Wayism teaches that souls evolve into spiritual beings. The lower four of the primary chakras are soul-minds, the higher three are spiritual-minds that will eventually take over the soul minds when the entity becomes ‘spiritual’. As caterpillars metamorphose into butterflies, so too the individual is reborn when the soul metamorphoses into a spiritual being.
  • Wayists believe that life after Earth, as a spiritual being, is devoted to helping sentient soul beings not only on Earth but also on other planets in the galaxy.
  • Wayism is at the root of several reformation movements in different religions. Christianity is a reformation movement within Judaism, that resulted from Jesus’ Wayism twenty years after the Jews of Judea crucified the Lord. Mahayana is a reformation movement within Buddhism that came to completion in the 1st century, also because of the Wayist teaching of Love, and the Father in heaven. The Bhakti movement is a reformation from within Hinduism that resulted from Wayist teaching of inclusive (gender and caste), and direct mystical access to spiritual beings.
  • International Association of Wayist Organizations is a membership organization that protects bona-fide Wayist teaching.
  • Wayist Publishing is a Canadian/Mexican based publisher of books and other material for the international membership.
  • Wayist Devotional practice is called Wayist Mysticism and is maintained separate from Wayist Philosophy and Lifestyle. Some devotees practice both, some prefer to practice only the Philosophy and Lifestyle.
  • Wayism is also defined in this online Wayist Encyclopedia