About IAP


During 2015, International Association of Pneumatology and Association of Pneumapathy merged as one professional body known as International Association of Pneumapathy (IAP). IAP is a worldwide, membership-based, self-regulating body and certifying authority for professional pneumatologists, pneumatherapists and pneumapaths. IAP upholds professional standards and Continuing Education requirements for licensed professionals.

Headquartered in Kathmandu, Nepal (Eastern World) and Ontario, Canada (Western World), we serve members and member organizations worldwide.

IAP is the international professional society representing licensed pneumatherapists and pneumapathic doctors. IAP aims to increase awareness of and expand access to pneumatherapist help its members build successful practices, and expand the body of pneumapathic medicine research.

Our state-of-the-art Pneumatherapist Portal provides access to dynamic databases that help with client record keeping, diagnostics, report generating, access to research papers, blogs and more.

IAP’s healer-members are graduates of pneumapathic schools and teachers recognized as credible representatives of the ancient art. IAP is recognized as the international accrediting agency for programs leading to the Pneumapath and Pneumatherapist designations, Certified Pneumatherapist (PnT), Master of Pneumatherapy (PnM) and Doctor of Pneumapathy (PnD).

Our members also include pneumapatherapy students and other spiritual energy care professionals, and corporate members who collectively strive to advance the profession of pneumapathic healing worldwide.

Local (country) associations for professional pneumapathy may apply for recognition under the IAP umbrella