Continuing Education Accreditation

With cost-effective accrediting of your training materials and curriculum, International Association of Pneumapathy (IAP) can help build your pneumatherapy training activity and audience. 

We work closely with schools and rural trainers to help standardize material and curricula. One school, Prajnaparamita School, is in process to place their courses online. We work closely with school to make sure all courses meet the requirements for certification and licensing. In another instance, the Haridwar Vaisya movement in rural India has material in Punjabi, which we are carefully editing to assure that they meet the required standards for international certification and accreditation.

Apply For Accreditation

To apply for continuing pneumatherapy education credits for your educational activity, please complete the application.  Accreditation fees from as low as $180 per course.

For more information, contact Joseph Brandis at