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Pneumapathy is an ancient spiritual energy healing regime. It is focused on healing the soul and spiritual body. Pneumatherapy is not an alternative to physical medicine. It plays the role of healing the human essence in order for the holistic human being to maintain health.

Where allopathic medicine aims to destroy symptom-causing organisms in a chemical warfare approach, pneumapathy aims to empower the human’s inherent holistic healing abilities, starting with spiritual energy. Spiritual energy is the energy that animates (gives life) the physical body and its mind.

When the human body dies, its mind and its body dies and decomposes, and the soul/spirit which is the essence of the human being continues its journey through samsara (the cycle of incarnations).

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The Pneumapath is a healer of soul and spirit. 

When soul-spirit energies are deficient one can always look to the causation loop to see that the physical body and the mind (emotional self) is also affected. Whatever condition comes first, whether it be bacterial infection, cancer or mental illness or spiritual energy deficiencies, the effect will almost always impact all three aspects of the human being, body, mind and soul.

Pneumapaths heal the soul energies and empowers the spirit to play an active role in healing the holistic human.


prana energy healing professionalIn diagnosis, we always study each of the seven major chakras, the 12 major meridians, yinyang energy, guna energies (sattva, rajas, tamas), and several other aspects may also be considered such as nails, urine, stool, ayurvedic constitution (vata, pitta, kapha), meridian pressure points, aura readings and more.


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Therapists are trained to employ a host of different therapies to help their clients toward health. The main
therapies are muscle massage, meridian spiritual energy massage, healing oils and herbal medicine massages, chakra energizing therapies, meridian energizing and balancing therapies, spiritual healing, past life regression and karmic healing, acupressure therapy, prana therapy (looks like but more comprehensive than Reiki), energy detox therapies, Soma entheogenic medications therapy, and more.


Wayists have in their history a legend of St. Thomas arriving in Kerala, India where he met a man suffering from battle wounds. St. Thomas applied Pneumatherpay to the man, chakra therapy in particular. Needless to say, in the Wayist legend the man survived. Thomas is still revered as a ‘healer god’ in the area. The saint taught Pneumatherapy to several women of the area and the art of pneumatherapy was handed over from one generation to the next. Here is an article (on another website) about the story of St. Thomas the Healer of Kerala.